Raspberry & Pear

He says to me "Would you like a slice of raspberry & pear slice for morning tea ?" and I smile and say "Sure, why not !?" and it wasn't long until he returned from ordering my skinny flat white with 2 sugars, and a slice of heaven.


Heaven, can be found in a slice of raspberry and pear slice, sometimes.


My hips would disagree, but I'm too old to be indecisive about a slice of that, and slivers of carrot or celery sticks, with low fat dip as a condiment.


Besides, I'm more of a brie and/ or camembert cheese and crackers with cherry tomatoes kind of girl but who can resist a raspberry & pear slice.


I've been there and grazed upon such as if I were a bunny and my bones were protruding.




Long gone are those days.


I've learnt to take the good with the bad and I sat there, whilst he poured his heart out over a coffee, and slice of raspberry and pear slice.


I've no idea why he's attached himself to me but he feels compelled to break down his minutiae, until I provide him with alternative solutions to enable him to start to decompress the issues he's facing.


In truth, they're not issues per se but they are in his mind.


I felt like saying to him "Well. Fucked if I know, you're the one that's fucking her, not me" and that thought lingered throughout the 20 mins he spent debriefing me.


I'm not his therapist, and nor am I his friend per se. I'm just someone impartial to his life as he seeks an unbiased opinion on his circs.


He's a random that I met through another work colleague who has since left the agency that I've been working for over the past 5 - 6 months.


Perhaps, he'll ditch the bitch because if I were a man, she'd be goneski for being too high maintenance, and a high risk factor for contracting sexually transmitted infections. 


I've no idea why men chase those kind of air heads because most of them are nothing but tits and arse, on a pair of legs.


I'm sure she's lovely, deep down, but I can see why he wants to pin her down.


However, my coffee and raspberry & pear slice, was lovelier.


He, will just have to grow some balls and tell her what he really thinks, in terms of how she's treating him.


I've no idea why people filter the truth as it doesn't nothing but create a false sense of security.


He wants love. He craves love. He needs her word, to honour the bond they're developing but she wants to behave like a town bike that everyone rides.


Hmm. Well. You can't make a whore, into a housewife, until she's ready to settle down and stop filling her holes with every Tom, Dick and dirty Harry.


Being single, is the bomb but its lonely. I can see why he's feeling a tad insane.


If he says nothing to her, in 3 - 6 months time when he decides he's had enough and walks away, she'll be devastated because he never gave her the opportunity to correct her promiscuous behaviors. 


I could see the pain in his eyes, but if he says nothing to her, she'll keep doing what it is she's doing.


What she's doing, is herself, and him, sometimes. No strings attached, can burn in an open relationship, when another party has fallen in love.


If he doesn't tell her explicitly how he feels about her, and about wanting her to himself she'll keep screwing everyone else, until she finds the man that's brave enough to stop her dead in her tracks.


Oh well... too bad, too sad !


He'll learn to speak his mind, or suffer in silence. Everyone wants love, but not everyone is willing to state what it is they want, explicitly. Besides, hot sex that goes on and on, til dawn.


Speak, or forever hold your peace.




That's his problem in a nutshell, he can't discern whether he should speak about what he wants, or not.



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