Distant Shores

What am I to do with you ? You're all the way over there, and I'm here. Pining, to nurture the seed you planted in the depths of my heart.


Your traits are weighted against mine, and we're like two peas in a pod. Shock horror. I'm not too sure how to mitigate the damage that could be forthcoming if we ever merged together. I want to but I'm also conscious of the way you are, and the way, I am.


I don't need much as I've worked hard for all the little things that keep me comfortable, in life. Perhaps, that's how I came to learn that people are disposable, if they betray me for whatever reason. 


I've forgotten what chivalry tastes like. 


In fact, I wonder whether or not, I ever tasted it. I've seen it, and I've grasped it, but I often wonder whether I really tasted it in my life. I deserve the best, and if you put me on a pedestal, you better not be afraid of dizzying heights, as that's where we'll both end up.


I don't have to highlight your flaws because in me, you will see them.


You will know me, by the way I show you what I see, through my eyes when I look upon you. And that, is what will make you gravitate towards me as you identify yourself, in the depths of me. 


I'm your heart, and you're my soul. Therefore, if you hurt me, you effectively, hurt your own heart and my soul will ache and bleed for the pain you're unable to justify as you navigate your way through the murky waters in which you've made to distort our image.


When all is said and done I will still love you, fiercely.


I do, love you, even though you may feel that your heart has been assaulted, violently. You gave a new meaning to the notion of "you have to be... cruel, to be kind" and I'll still whisper "fuck you" under my breath, and love you even harder, after all is said and done.

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