Hearts forsaken, taken and traded in the shades of our sunglasses as you entertain your hardwood upon the folds of my not so fluffy sticky love notes, and I declare that that denotes your love for me as I seek to please you, from dusk to dawn, for my love for you was never forlorn. 


Heart to heart and hurt to hurt, let us burst all over one another until we're killing one another softly yet violently as you watch the rise and fall of my hips upon yours, while our lips gently vibrate upon the perplexity of hushed susurrations. 


Your hands were made to roam all over me as if you were navigating your way through those oceans that keep us apart, yet keeps us drifting upon the sweetness of a notion, perhaps devotion, and there'll never be a day that you aren't rushing through the pulsations contained within my blood.


I hear the whispers that remain hidden within the cavity of your chest as I scribbled all over that script before it was even manifested in the depths of your heart, and we shall never part as I sharpen my lead pencil and continue to scribble my love for you, all over our attuned blank pages.


The killer in me... is the killer in you, m'love.

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