The way he sways my heart... moves me.   I guess he'll never know just how majestic his heart & soul is to me, and I'll never say.

Gossip Mongers

At least my tits aren't plastic, and neither is my arse, or the formal qualifications that earn me my 6 digit income, for that matter. So, go fuck yourself and leave me the fuck alone, instead of behaving like a fucktard that can't discern friend or...


I'd just like a moment with you, just a tiny portion of your time, but you seem to be lost at sea at the moment.   The lovely fickle pirate declared his infinite shyness, and took an unauthorized leave of absence from his posting.   So....

Distant Shores

What am I to do with you ? You're all the way over there, and I'm here. Pining, to nurture the seed you planted in the depths of my heart.   Your traits are weighted against mine, and we're like two peas in a pod. Shock horror. I'm not too sure...


The greatest boxer... ever !   Muhammed Ali will be greatly missed, but will live on in memory through moments that were captured as such. May his soul continue to soar to great heights.